If you take a look at the world of web hosting, you will find that this world offers a wide range of options and you can make a choice according to your needs. Even better, there is an option for everyone’s needs. Then there is the option of paid and free web hosting, Linux/Unix or Windows based web hosting, dedicated or shared web hosting and VPS. As can easily be deduced, all of these types have their pros and cons. In light of this, it becomes essential that you have a proper understanding of your needs as this will help you make the perfect choice.

Let’s take a look at shared web hosting.Well, shared hosting can be understood as the type of web hosting in which you share the provided space with the websites of other customers. Thus, all websites sharing the server will use the same software and the same operating system. It is true that shared web hosting bears a striking resemblance to free web hosting. The only difference is that with shared web hosting you get a lot more options.

Shared web hosting can be divided into two types of free shared web hosting and paid shared web hosting. Free shared web hosting, as the name suggests, costs you nothing and can be great for anyone with new ideas who doesn’t want to spend money on web hosting.Free shared web hosting provides almost all the features any hobbyist would need for their website, but with free shared web hosting, you shouldn’t expect to have the perfect conditions to host your site. You won’t get huge bandwidth and disk space and you can’t be sure you have MySQL, PHP support. Most free shared web hosting does not provide traffic statistics or is not efficient.

In contrast to this, paid shared web hosting gives you almost all the features you will need for successful website management. Therefore, you will have the option of multiple emails and MySQL and PHP support.Paid shared web hosting is the perfect choice for small businesses or professional sites that don’t need all the server space. The main advantage of using paid shared web hosting is that you can host your site on a powerful and well-administered site and another with a low monthly cost. If you are considering hosting your website for the first time, it is a good idea to host it on a paid shared web hosting server. It will provide you reliable and hassle-free services and furthermore will not require any technical expertise from you.

There are also some issues with shared web hosting. The main problem with shared web hosting is the low level of security.The second problem is the lack of facilities. All websites use the same memory, processor and hard drive. Also, you are forced to use the same software provided by the shared web hosting provider and therefore you cannot install any software you want.

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