Getting started in Advertising

Most advertising professionals agree that a degree is not a requirement to start in the industry, but on the contrary, all advertising requires at least a college degree. Another benefit of taking a bachelor’s degree is that if the internship is done during the course, it will provide the relevant experience that advertising agencies and businesses typically need. The university internship director can help in this regard. It might have links that could get you a break on radio, television or even an advertising agency, the choice totally depends on the interest.

In case the course director does not help you, join a network and get to know the people around you. It will definitely get you somewhere.It won’t hurt to look for an internship on your own. Check local newspapers for announcements; call local radio and television stations and even advertising agencies to inquire about vacancies. There are usually lots of ads in the Sunday edition of the newspaper, leave a resume in their office. The best idea is to contact the production manager or the company news director. Email them; give a good reference, which can be a big help.

There are usually many internship opportunities in the production department.If you can find an internship, bring it to the attention of the internship director; most likely his reference may be of some benefit. If these attempts don’t work, volunteer to work for free at any local trade show, function and event. Show your creativity to the fullest. It can sometimes catch the attention of someone important, which can give you that quantum leap.

For people who do not opt ​​for regular university, they can always find a lot of advertising material on the Internet. In addition to studying theoretical work, try to observe the work of famous people in the industry.Take a few ideas, mix them with a bit of creativity and create an original work and approach your local radio station or TV channel. Since there are many programs going on, there will be a kind of vacancy.

You also get a cross-training chance. If you initially got a job with other broadcasts at the station, try to switch to advertising after getting the impression from other advertising agencies. This will be a good pick up point, as most employers are impressed with the TV experience.And when you’re working on your first job, there’s a good chance you’ll learn the basics, so feel free to explore the terrain. But since it is easier to get a job here and there is a lot of competition for this position, the returns are not so good and there is no job security.

Once you have gained a good experience, whether it is an internship or a local radio or television station, taking over is the next important step. Fill it with creativity as this is the main essence of this field. Don’t forget to include past experience, even if it’s small or not exactly related to the job description, recommendation, if any. The more information added, the stronger the CV and the easier it is to maneuver upwards.

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