DTCP Approved plots in Kumbakonam

Buying an approved land in the heart of Kumbakonam is now a hassle-free process. Previously, buying and selling properties in Kumbakonam was a challenging task. The local government and land registration authorities have simplified land registration to a great extent.
You can buy one or more Houses in Kumbakonam and own them for years. The cost of Narayani in Kumbakonam is much cheaper compared to other growing cities. Leading property developers in Kumbakonam are promoting plots in best locations like Annalagraharam and Thirubhuvanam.

You can buy acres of land in Thirubhuvanam through M/s Suatha Developers and resell them at best prices after few years. The plot promoters will protect your plots from encumbrances and external threats for years. The plot owners can construct lavish luxury homes on their properties and lease or rent them to others.
The cost involved in maintaining brand new apartments and individual houses is higher compared to buying vacant plots. Leading plot promoters in Kumbakonam will maintain your plots for years. You can resell to others through them and make huge money from resale. Reputed property developers like Sujatha will not compromise on quality of services.

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