An approved plot or apartment- Which gives best ROI?

Locations like Thirubuvanam, Sakkottai, Annalagraharam and Narayani in Kumbakonam is seeing massive growth in the recent years. Plenty of families from other cities have migrated to these locations in the recent months. Thirubuvanam is a peaceful residential locality which is close to reputed offices, schools, engineering and art colleges.
Row and villa Houses in Kumbakonam are gaining popularity in Tamil Nadu. The newly constructed luxury Houses in Kumbakonam comes with luxurious facilities and amenities like lifts, club houses, library, fitness centers and meditation rooms.

You can construct your dream apartment or individual home in Thirubhuvanam immediately after buying DTCP approved plot from M/s Sujatha developers. The cost price of DTCP approved plots in Kumbakonam is much cheaper than high rise residential properties. Reselling DTCP approved plots to new owners is a hassle-free task in Kumbakonam.
There is consistent demand for DTCP approved gated community Houses in Kumbakonam. You can fix best prices for your plots and sell them after few years. Selling luxury homes or villas in Kumbakonam is a challenging task. The cost price of approved plots in Kumbanom has soared in the recent years. But the cost prices of apartment has remained unchanged.
Government is planning to show Kumbakonam in the limelight by introducing SEZ, metro train projects, airport and smart city. You can expect best ROI in the future when you buy plots now.

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